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Our list of digital nomad resources is designed to save you valuable research time and energy on your next adventure.  These recommendations are practical application abroad.

The software tools, apps, and gear will be continuously updated for your convenience as new products and services are becoming available daily.

We personally use everything listed below, and are confident that they will help keep you safe and sane wherever your journey takes you.

Although always budget conscious, at our age we are fortunate enough to have the financial resources to book accommodations, purchase the gear, and use software products that best suit our needs and lifestyle. Many of the items on his list reflect options for digital nomads with similar means.

Location independent living isn’t for everyone, but for those looking to make the leap I hope this digital nomad blog is useful.

If you have any specific questions about any digital nomad products or software, please contact me directly: Contact@LeePayton.com

2022 Digital Nomad Resources: Table of Contents

As a couple in our 40s, staying at a hostel or shared lodging setup isn’t convenient.  Fortunately, there are dozens of apps and websites that make it easy and safe to book accommodations anywhere in the world that provide accurate reviews and built-in protections for guests.

We begin with Location Research because your destination will determine the living costs, clothing, gear, etc… Before planning the next leg of our journey, we consult the following websites and apps to get a feel for the cost of living & viability of a 90 to 180-day stay. 

Location Research

Digital Nomad Online communities

These have been the single most valuable resource when planning our stays in other countries. Once you have a general location in mind, they are also extremely helpful with specifics such as finding healthcare providers, local grocery stores & shopping, tourist activities, local meetups, remote working locations, etc…

Picking your destination might also include narrowing your search by specific neighborhoods. The fellow digital nomads in these groups have been extremely helpful to get the real story as opposed to combing tourism websites.

  1. Digital Nomad World
  2. Digital Nomad World
    FREE (As of today's date)

    This is the fastest growing digital nomad community with almost 7,000 members. You can research Cost of Living, Healthcare, Currency, Helpful Apps, Climate, and more by location.

    My thoughts: User-friendly interface and a very helpful community. I'm on DNW at least once per day researching tentative destinations.
  3. Nomadlist
  4. Nomadlist
    $99 - Lifetime Access

    Nomadlist has almost 43,000 members and is the most comprehensive location-specific platform for exploring new locations and connecting with other digital nomads.

    My thoughts: The interface is a little busier than alternatives, but it has the most detailed information available because of its longevity and vast community.
    Lasso Brag

Digital Nomad Social Media Groups

Facebook has hundreds of digital nomad groups and pages, but the following have been the most useful to us.

There are also groups by location. For example: we joined digital nomad groups for Playa Del Carmen, MX, and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. By joining groups for each location ahead of time, you can get nearly all your questions answered by other nomads before starting the booking process.

Within each online community you’ll find remote professionals of all ages that are more than happy to help. This is especially useful as World conditions and travel requirements change often these days. Combined with the Online Communities, we consider Facebook one of the best resources for digital nomads.

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Digital Nomad Visas

Visa requirements for remote workers can be a tricky topic as more countries offer programs every day. The rules, requirements, length of visas, etc… vary greatly by location.

Fortunately, Kristin Wilson has taken the time to compile and continuously update her Digital Nomad Visa Database. As of this post, you can get lifetime access to information for over 45 countries for only $47.00(USD).

This database includes: cost, benefits, application requirements, processing times, length of stay, and COVID-19 travel rules. It is one of top digital nomad resources and worth every penny.

Digital Nomad Travel & Health Insurance

Travel and health insurance for digital nomads can get complicated depending upon personal preference and needs. After extensive research based on our specific requirements, we recommend one of the following companies for longterm travel.

Keep in mind that most travel insurance policies only cover medical emergencies and not routine check-ups or outpatient visits. However, this has not been an issue as we have found that most countries have very affordable healthcare compared to the U.S. and the service has been excellent thus far.

We keep our travel insurance policy active all year even if we spend some time back in the U.S. to avoid any hassles.

Our Pick
SafetyWing - Insurance for Nomads, by Nomads
Pricing Varies by Plan

Emergency Health, Remote Health, & Travel Insurance.

My thoughts: We currently use SafetyWing's Travel Medical Insurance. This covers most medical emergencies & travel issues. We haven't made any personal claims, but we have heard positive feedback from other DNs who have.
Learn More
Insured Nomads

Global Travel & Health Insurance

My thoughts: Insured Nomads has the most comprehensive policies I've seen and was founded by digital nomads.
Learn More

Locating Medical and Dental Services Abroad

Free app and great resource for finding medical care in a new country:

Air Doctor | Connecting Travelers to Doctors Online

Connects travelers to private doctors worldwide.

My thoughts: This is an extremely useful app to locate medical and dental services near you. It also assists with making appointments, has trusted reviews, and lists costs.
Learn More

Long-Term Housing

When planning our next location, my first click is always AirBnB because of their range, ease of use, and customer protections.

Like any other home, things have a tendency to break, back-up, burn-out, etc…. AirBnB hosts have always quickly resolved any issues we’ve had.

Where you choose to live abroad directly impacts your overall experience, and we’ve found AirBnB to be one of the best resources for digital nomads for peace of mind and comfort.

  1. Airbnb: Vacation Rentals, Cabins, Beach Houses, Unique Homes & Experiences
  2. Airbnb: Vacation Rentals, Cabins, Beach Houses, Unique Homes & Experiences

    This site makes it extremely easy to book stays and is useful for exploring tentative destinations.

    My thoughts: We book all of our longterm stays through AirBnB because of the convenience & peace of mind.
    Book or Explore
  3. Booking.com
  4. Booking.com

    Booking.com is helpful for finding longterm hotel and home stays. It also features flight and vehicle rental discounts as well as an online community.

    It is a trusted site with reviews, guest protection, and refund policies.

    My thoughts: Great app for booking discounted longterm hotel rooms.
    Book or Explore
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Location Specific Booking Platforms

Many Digital Nomad destinations have their own local/specific online booking platforms that offer lower prices than the platforms above. They can typically be found via social media groups and the Digital Nomad Online Communities.


This is often the most tedious and time consuming part of planning for us. We are usually traveling at least 12-20 hours at a time, so lining-up flights (often through multiple airlines) and making easy connections is important.

Once we’ve narrowed our next leg down to a few locations, I typically setup price alerts through one or all of the following sites before purchasing tickets.

  1. Google Travel
  2. Google Travel

    Simple interface with the most comprehensive flight info in one app.

    My thoughts: I use Google Flights when narrowing-down our next destination to get an idea of cost & flight times.
  3. Skyscanner
  4. Skyscanner

    Searches multiple airlines and has the option to setup flight price alerts.

    My thoughts: This is my go-to flight booking app for convenience and fair prices.
  5. Cheap Airline Tickets, Hotels & Car Rentals | CheapOair
  6. Cheap Airline Tickets, Hotels & Car Rentals | CheapOair
    My thoughts: I always check their site before booking to make sure we're getting a good deal.
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Airport Lounge Access

For the longer layovers that require meals, workspace, quiet, and even showers, airport lounges are a great escape from the main terminal.

It’s not always necessary, but passing the time in an airport lounge is much more comfortable than hanging-out at a restaurant or gate especially with lag from multiple time zones.

Most accept one-time payment at the door, come as one of your existing credit card perks, or can be accessed through Priority Pass.

Airport Lounge Access Worldwide | Priority Pass

Great discounts for over 1300 airport VIP lounges.

See below for pricing.


International Rideshare Services

Taxi cabs and public transportation are safe and readily available in most countries. We’ve also found that most locations have apps for their public transportation to take the hassle out of researching bus routes and taxi fares.

For more personalized app-based service:

  1. Uber Cities - Rides Around the World | Uber
  2. Uber Cities - Rides Around the World | Uber

    Uber Global is available in most major cities through your existing app.

  3. Lyft: A ride whenever you need one
  4. Lyft: A ride whenever you need one

    Lyft also has an international service through the existing app.

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Short-Term Lodging & Luggage Storage

This has been an issue on almost every one of our moves thus far. Depending on the lodging situation and/or the AirBnB host, we have had to make arrangements for securing our luggage for several hours. This is due mainly to flight arrival times vs check-in times.

There is also the possibility that your long-term lodging won’t be available on the day you arrive. Most digital nomad destinations have major hotel chains if the need arises to spend a couple of days nearby.

If long-term lodging can’t be booked before arriving at your destination, or you have time to kill before check-in:


Stasher is an app-based service that connects you with trusted and insured local businesses available to store your items short term.

This allows you to explore the area without the inconvenience of hauling around luggage.

Last Minute Hotel Deals at Great Hotels - HotelTonight

Hotel Tonight searches participating hotels near you for great deals on last-minute bookings. This typically includes all major brands.

My thoughts: I've had great luck booking rooms at a fraction of the listed price through this app.
Get the App

If possible, it is best to stick with one or 2 major hotel chain memberships to accrue points and status over time. I use Marriott whenever possible.

Hotels & Resorts | Book your Hotel directly with Marriott Bonvoy

7,600+ locations in 131 countries.

My thoughts: As a longtime Marriott member, I'm a little biased... But they have never let me down when it comes to locations or service.

Banking and Payment Methods

The days of having to deal with exchanging paper currency are virtually over (unless you travel to a remote location that does not have card readers, but this is rare in 2022).

For convenience and an added layer of security, we chose to open Wise and Chime accounts for international travel. We linked our U.S. bank accounts and are able to quickly move money into one of these through their apps. This allows us to use our Wise or Chime cards for daily transactions.

If we happen to lose one of the cards, we can easily turn them off and order new ones while keeping our original bank cards secure as a backup.

I even have a business account through Wise for easily accepting international payments and converting currency right in the app. I highly recommend one of their accounts for anyone who needs to transfer or make money online without added fees or worrying about conversions.

Both of these services allow easy transfer to/from our bank account and send notifications of each transaction to help monitor spending or fraud.

Wise, Formerly TransferWise: Online Money Transfers | International Banking Features

The most comprehensive international banking and money transfer platform with and ultra-convenient app.

My thoughts: There are too many great features to list here... I use Wise for both personal and business banking accounts.
Chime - Banking with No Hidden Fees and Fee Free Overdraft

Can be used anywhere Visa is accepted and at ATMs worldwide.

Easily reloadable via connected bank account.

The app sends daily balance alerts, notifies you when a purchase is made, and has a toggle feature to deactivate the card if lost.

My thoughts: I have both checking & savings accounts with Chime. We used this card daily for our 5-month stay in Mexico without a single issue.

TV Streaming Service

You can now easily take all of your favorite TV and streaming programs with you to each new location without having to setup a new system or have to watch shows on a laptop.

Every TV that we’ve had in our longterm rentals (and most hotels) have included HDMI and/or USB ports. This makes it easy to bring along your preferred streaming service and connect with a couple of simple steps.

There are many brands of streaming hardware available, but we prefer Roku for ease of use. After the initial setup the Roku stores all of our channels and login information for each. All we have to do when we arrive at a new location is plug it into the TV and connect to Wifi.

We also stream content from one of our devices through a VPN that might now otherwise be available in a particular region.

This is a must for digital nomads especially after a long day of travel when all you want to do is hit the couch and watch familiar shows.

Price Varies Depending on Model

Easy to use streaming stick that keeps all of your favorite channels in one place.

My thoughts: Simple to setup and works on every TV that we've encountered thus far.
Learn More

E-SIM Cards

Until recently you would have to purchase and install a physical SIM card into your mobile device(s) upon arrival to a country outside of your current cellular service plan.

For example: We have Verizon and are covered for the U.S., Canada, & Mexico. In Spain, we would have to pay $10 per day for their overseas cellular coverage. This might work for someone on vacation for a week or 2, but isn’t feasible for longterm stays across several different cities.

We try to use WiFi as much as possible and there are dozens of ways to make calls and network these days without needing cellular data on a daily basis. But for those occasions where we need to use Apple/Google Maps to navigate, receive/make important calls away from our apartment, or just need to look something up, we need a local SIM card.

Instead of purchasing, installing, and reloading a physical SIM at each destination, we use this app:

Nomad – Flexible mobile data as low as $2 for 1GB

e-SIM card app marketplace for affordable cellular plans wherever you are in the World.

My thoughts: Easy to install and use on Apple & Android devices.
Learn More


What is a VPN?

VPN, or virtual private network, is a secure tunnel between your device and the internet. VPNs protect you from snooping, interference, and censorship in the online world.

With cyber attacks and hacking on the rise, we use VPNs on our laptops, tablets, and phones when necessary.

The VPN also allows us to choose where our internet is connected. For example: I am typing this in Spain while connected through New York. This also comes in handy when we want to stream U.S. content overseas in places where it is not supported by the local network.

Our Pick
High-Speed, Secure & Anonymous VPN Service | ExpressVPN

Easy to setup and use on Mac, PC, iPhone, & Android.

See below for pricing.

My thoughts: We use ExpressVPN to protect all of our devices with one account.
Learn More
The best online VPN service for speed and security | NordVPN

NordVPN also comes highly recommended.

See pricing below.

Learn More

Organization & Time Management Apps

Organizational Apps

There are several organizational apps on the market, but Todoist is our favorite new tool. We use it for planning and organizing the entire week.

Our Pick
Free - $36 per year for Pro Version

Organize your work and life.

My thoughts: Todoist is by far my favorite app. I use it to plan every aspect of my workday and optimize my time off. If I could only have one app, Todoist would be it.
Learn More
Free with In-App Purchases

Complete organization and planning app that syncs across all of your devices. Trello is fully customizable for any project, to-do list, and trip planning.

My thoughts: Trello has been a lifesaver with our travel planning, content creation scheduling, and even shopping lists.
Learn More
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Time Management Apps

Feedly – Keep up with the topics and trends you care about

Completely customizable RSS feed app that reads any website, social media platform, news feeds, etc... of your choosing and consolidates them in one place.

See pricing below.

My thoughts: I used to spend over an hour, 2-3 time per day checking my news, social media, blog posts, and job boards individually before I started using Feedly. Now, all of the information I need is in one place.
Learn More

One of the best parts of being a digital nomad and running a location independent business is the ability to break-up the workday however I see fit. This could mean working for 4 hours in the morning then breaking to do whatever I want until picking work back up again in the evening.

To keep track of remote work hours and even personal tasks I use Toggl. The app connects to all of my devices and is an easy way to see exactly how much time you are spending on each task. I highly recommend this for anyone running a remote business to keep track of billable hours.

Toggl: Time Tracking, Project Planning and Hiring Tools to Help Teams Work Better

Completely customizable time tracker for work and personal projects.

See pricing below

My thoughts: I use the iPhone & MacBook Apps to keep track of every project. At the end of each week, Toggl sends me a detailed report of the time spent on each task. I use the information for billing and scheduling.
Learn More

Mental and Physical Health Apps

With all of the benefits of the digital nomad lifestyle, there can be mental and physical health challenges. Moving to new a new location every 90-180 days can be stressful and bring anxiety along with the excitement.

Changing timezones and workspace setups can make remote work challenging. This is especially true if you are a freelancer and are continually prospecting for new jobs.

Mental and physical health are extremely important in keeping grounded. Fortunately there are apps that allow you to exercise both no matter where you find yourself.

These are a few of the programs that we find useful and can be done almost anywhere:


Headspace is my favorite meditation app and is easy to use with adjustable times to fit your schedule. The meditations are updated daily and you can even set reminders in the app to make sure you get enough mental breaks during the day.

Meditation and Sleep Made Simple - Headspace
69.99 Per Year

Easy to follow meditations that are updated daily.

My thoughts: I try to start every morning with their Wakeup program and then follow Today's Meditation when I need an afternoon break.
Learn More


Reveri is similar to headspace but teaches self-hypnosis as opposed to meditation. I just recently discovered this app and will provide an update soon.

Reveri | Self-Hypnosis App
7-Day Trial then Subscription
My thoughts: Great app for building healthy habits and getting deeper sleep. Similar interface to Headspace, but uses different techniques.
Learn More


Beachbody has come a long way from the days when you had to order a dozen CDs through the mail for one of their programs. Their new app is easy to use and allows streaming on all devices. It’s it the perfect subscription to have if you don’t have a nearby gym or just prefer to exercise at home.

Varies - Monthly Subscrption

Over 1500 workouts available anywhere through their convenient app.

They run discount offers regularly.

My thoughts: The workouts require minimal equipment that we have been able to bring with us in our luggage.
Learn More

Mind Pump Media

The guys at Mind Pump Media keep us up to date with the latest fitness and health information through their weekly podcasts and workout programs.

They have comprehensive weight training programs to fit every goal and lifestyle. We follow their programs whenever we’re fortunate enough to have a gym nearby.

They can also be found on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/c/MindPumpTV

Mind Pump Media | Fitness Podcast & Online Training Programs
Pricing Varies by Workout

Mind Pump offers science-based fitness advice and comprehensive workouts.

My thoughts: We use their programs at our local gyms and stay current with the latest fitness information through their podcast and YouTube Channel.
Learn More

Podcasts & YouTube Channels

A lot of what we learned before and during our travels came from other digital nomads (no reason to reinvent the wheel). There are literally hundreds of podcasts specific to the digital nomad lifestyle and location independent entrepreneurs.

I search and listed to all of my content on apple devices and recommend: https://www.apple.com/apple-podcasts/ and search for “Digital Nomad” as a starting point.

I have a preferred list of daily podcasts that I will curate in a separate article. I listen to everything relevant to Digital Nomadism and Location Independent Entrepreneurs.

YouTube has also proven to be an excellent resource as more and more remote workers and digital nomads are posting instructional and location-based content.

There is no task you can’t find an instructional video for or recent videos of your prospective location. For example: before our most recent stays in Mexico and Spain we subscribed to the channels of digital nomads that have recently been. This allowed us to get a feel for each location from people on the ground before we arrived. It was also a big help in choosing neighborhoods in both places.

Many of the content creators on YouTube even have weekly updates for each location. This was similar to getting local news from the perspective of other digital nomads and remote workers in the exact area that we were heading to.

Literature & Education

Similar to podcast and YouTube content, the literature pertaining to digital nomads and remote workers is a crowded space. I will add a separate post with my personal reading list.

I keep all of my books and magazines on my Amazon Kindle. This is one of the single-most useful gadgets that we pack for a number of reasons: it’s lightweight and easy to pack, it can be read under all lightning conditions because of its adjustable interface, it holds thousands of books, and, most importantly, if you break or lose one they are inexpensive to replace and easy to sync with your content.

I also can also access my Kindle content across my devices through the app which means I always have something handy to read no matter where we are.

it also allows me to leave my computer, phone, and other distractions behind if I need to unwind after a long day, or have trouble falling asleep but don’t want to scroll on the phone.

Of all the resources, tools, and gadgets we bring along, the Kindle is a must-have.


With limited packing space, weight considerations, comfort, and washing in mind, the following clothing and footwear have worked perfectly for our digital nomad lifestyle:

The brands we chose may not be the cheapest, but they are high quality and easily wearable for anything from laying around the apartment, to hiking, to going to dinner. I wore all of the items listed long before we began traveling the World, so I am satisfied with their sizing, comfort, durability, and supply.

A note on washing: most European countries only have washing machines in their units. All of the clothing listed here washes and dries quickly regardless of your laundry situation.

Shirts, Pants, & Shorts for Any Occasion

Under Armour® Official Store | FREE Shipping Available
My thoughts: Great for all climates, easy to wash, and can be worn for almost any occasion. I wear their shorts daily and use their shirts for exercising and hot weather.
Visit Website
Tasc Performance

Sustainable Bamboo Activewear

My thoughts: These are the most comfortable shirts I own and can be worn anywhere. I have an assortment of long and short-sleeve shirts that I wear almost daily.
Visit Website


With all of the varying climates and terrain, we had to find footwear that could be used for multiple activities without taking up too much room or weight in the luggage. I personally travel with 3 types of shoes: sandals for daily use, running shoes, and shoes that can be worn for hiking and miscellaneous adventures.

I prefer minimalist footwear as I don’t need any specialized support or have any foot issues. Between the 3 shoes shown here, there’s nothing I haven’t been able to do on any leg of our digital nomad journey.

My 3 pairs of shoes on our porch in Spain
Best Barefoot Shoes and Sandals for Running, Hiking, Walking - Xero Shoes
My thoughts: I use their sandals for daily wear and have their minimalist running shoes for exercising. Lightweight, easy to pack, & easy to clean.
Visit Website

I prefer my Merrells for travel, long walks, hikes, and anything else that requires more comfort and support. If I only had room to take one pair of shoes with me, the Merrells would win.

Merrell Official: Top Rated Hiking Footwear & Outdoor Gear
My thoughts: The perfect all-around shoe brand for any occasion.
Visit Website

Gear & Gadgets

The items listed here are what we use for general travel and daily life on the go. I will have another post describing all of the specific digital nomad business tools that I use.

Here is my basic setup and list of remote work hardware:

Desk with Computer and Hardware
My work setup at our apartment in Spain

I prefer Apple products, but all of these tools work together regardless.

Roost V3 Laptop Stand – Adjustable and Extremely Portable Laptop Stand – PC and MacBook Stand
My thoughts: Great for staying focused for long periods at the computer and easy to pack.
Buy Now
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/14/2022 12:16 am GMT
Logitech MK470 Slim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo - Low Profile Compact Layout, Ultra Quiet Operation, 2.4 GHz USB Receiver with Plug and Play Connectivity, Long Battery Life - Off White
My thoughts: Connects easily to each of our computers or the iPad when using the Roost Stand.
Buy Now
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Toshiba Canvio Flex 2TB Portable External Hard Drive USB-C USB 3.0, Silver for PC, Mac, & Tablet - HDTX120XSCAA

Safe & Secure Backup for laptops.

My thoughts: We use this to backup both of the computers and keep it in a secure place in the event of loss or damage.
Buy Now
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/14/2022 12:54 pm GMT

Clear readers and computer glasses block harmful Blue light, cut glare from digital screens and reduce eye strain.

My thoughts: I wear these to block Blue light in the evenings while on the computer or watching TV. They've made a huge difference in helping me fall asleep faster.
Pre-Moistened Lens Wipes ALIBEISS Screen Wipes for Glasses, Camera,Tablets, Smartphone, Screens and Other Delicate Surfaces,Pack of 100
My thoughts: I use these on all of our electronics. They don't smear or leave any residue behind.
Buy Now
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

We have found that most locations abroad, especially the digital nomad hotspots, have the necessary shopping and supplies to suit our needs aside from a few hard-to-find supplements.

Luggage, Bags, & Packing Tools

A lot of digital nomads travel light – some with just a backpack. We like to travel with as many bags as the airlines will allow us so we won’t have to spend as much time worrying about overpacking (except for the weight limitations).

We prefer to spend at least 90 days in each location, so although it can be inconvenient to haul several bags around, it only happens once every 3 months. As of this post we are on the first leg of a year abroad without any trips planned back to the U.S.

This led to packing 2 checked bags with 1 carryon and personal item each for a total of 8 bags.

Our bags ready to go before leaving the U.S.


Checking 4 bags is easy, but hauling them around through airports, public transportation, and city streets can be challenging. We try to choose luggage that fits together well and can be managed by the 2 of us if we need to walk for a distance.

Kelty Nomad 45L Tactical Backpack, Black - TSA Compliant, Padded Laptop Sleeve, Padded Shoulders
My thoughts: I typically check this bag, but it meets the requirements for a carryon if need be. It is a very comfortable backpack and we use it for shorter trips at each location.
Buy Now
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/14/2022 09:07 am GMT
The North Face Base Camp Duffel - Small

This is an upgraded version of the Base Camp Voyager that we use.

My thoughts: This bag also doubles as a carryon and conveniently folds into a smaller bag. This bag is easier to pack than the Kelty Nomad.
Buy Now
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These rolling duffles are perfect for organizing your things if you don’t have enough drawers or space in the apartment.

Samsonite Andante 2 Wheeled Rolling Duffel Bag, All Black, 32-Inch

This is an updated version of the bags we currently have.

My thoughts: Great bags with plenty of room. You have to be mindful of the packing weight as it is easy to get well over the airline limits with these bags.
Buy Now
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Small/Day Bags

Like I previously mentioned, we can’t always find the supplements we prefer at our longterm destinations, so we purchased an Under Armour duffle bag specifically to transport and store them.

This helps keep everything organized and avoids any issues with customs officials upon entry. It also gives me some peace of mind keeping our expensive supplements with me in the event our checked luggage is delayed or lost.

Under Armour Undeniable 5.0 Duffle

Simple duffle for multiple uses. Meets airline carryon requirements.

My thoughts: We use this bag to transport and store our supplements.
Buy Now
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/14/2022 12:16 am GMT

We also have an assortment of computer bags and backpacks for daily use to include a waterproof backpack for the beach or rainy weather. They are all great for getting out of the house for a bit to hit the coffee shops with your fellow remote workers.

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack, Business Anti Theft Slim Durable Laptops Backpack with USB Charging Port, Water Resistant College School Computer Bag Gifts for Men & Women Fits 15.6 Inch Notebook, ...
My thoughts: Comfortable for short trips to local coffee shops or restaurants to get some work done.
Buy Now
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/14/2022 05:01 pm GMT

We bought a small waterproof backpack at a dive shop in Playa Del Carmen, MX, intending to use it on the beach. Since then, we have found it useful as a secure backpack to haul the laptops around and it’s convenient for a large grocery trip as it keeps things cool and dry. It’s not typical digital nomad gear, but I highly recommend it.

Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack: 35L / 55L Heavy Duty Roll-Top Closure with Easy Access Front-Zippered Pocket and Cushioned Padded Back Panel for Comfort with IPX8 Waterproof Phone Case
My thoughts: Great for the beach, rainy days, and grocery trips. It also folds-up and can be easily packed inside one of the larger bags.
Buy Now
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/14/2022 12:16 am GMT

I also have a small laptop bag where I keep all of my important documents for travel and it meets the requirements for a “personal Item” on the airplane.

Packing Tools

The next few items have proven to be very useful for saving space and extra baggage fees. With the amount of stuff we like to bring along, these simple items make a huge difference.

Our luggage scale has paid for itself 10x over at this point. It saves the hassle of having to borrow a scale or embarrassingly repack our bags in front of everyone at the baggage counter.

travel inspira Luggage Scale, Portable Digital Hanging Baggage Scale for Travel, Suitcase Weight Scale with Rubber Paint, 110 Pounds, Battery Included - Sliver
My thoughts: This thing is a lifesaver when it comes to making sure our bags are all within the limits.
Buy Now
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/14/2022 02:36 pm GMT

We also prefer to compress and vacuum seal as much of our clothing as possible in our checked luggage. The following bags help keep everything dry and organized on long trips. I also use some of the compression bags to keep dust our of our electronics.

Vacuum Storage Bags, Space Saver Sealer Bags 20-Pack (6 Medium, 5 Large, 5 Jumbo, 2 Small, 2 Roll Up Bags) with Hand Pump for Clothes, Bedding, Comforter, Blanket
My thoughts: Perfect to compress anything from clothes to pillows (yes I bring my own pillows from home on our longer trips)
Buy Now
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Gonex Compression Packing Cubes, 4pcs Expandable Storage Travel Luggage Bags Organizers (Purplish Blue)
My thoughts: Great for compressing clothes and organizing loose items. We also use them to store things when we reach our destination.
Buy Now
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

I will update this list regularly as we continue to travel the World and test all things essential for a safe and successful remote working and digital nomad lifestyle.